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sawblade_x's Journal

I can't wait to see you again;

My name's Cali, and I just turned 16 on June 29th. My family and friends come first no matter what. I change my mind frequently. I correct people on their spelling without meaning to. I'm going to be a Junior this year (thank god, only one more year!). I'm in love with the band Avenged Sevenfold, and will always be a fan of theirs. I'm absolutely in love with the TV show 16 and Pregnant. I love making graphics with photoshop. I want to save my money to get Photoshop CS4. I want to go to culinary school but I also want to be an ASPCA officer in Houston or Phoenix, maybe even San Fransisco. I love shopping and eating Panda Express - Chinese food is my life. I could eat Subway everyday. It takes little to please me. It takes little to tick me off. This summer hasn't been great so far; I've found out I have 3 herniated disks and one of them is on my spinal cord, flatting it. I love dying my hair; currently it's a auburn/red color. When school starts I want to bleach it then dye it red. I love watching paranormal TV shows including: Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, and The Ghost Adventures.

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